A “smoke bomb” attack happened during the speech of the Japanese Prime Minister; suspects were arrested

According to some sources, the Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Fumio Kishida was taken out safely on April 15 after someone threw an explosive device at a campaign event in a western port city, officials said.

According to Japan’s NHK television, a loud and strong explosion occurred at a “western port city” on Saturday during the visit of the Prime Minister. NHK reported that the PM is safe and has been transferred to the Wakayama prefectural police headquarters.

Only nine months have passed since Shinzo Abe, Japan’s previous prime minister, was killed while giving a campaign address in the western city of Nara.

“The assassination stunned the country,” and a subsequent inquiry revealed gaps in Abe’s protection, which prompted Japan’s police security procedures to be strengthened.

In addition, the incident occurs as a series of ministerial gatherings of the “Group of Seven” get underway this weekend in preparation for the summit Kishida will host in ‘Hiroshima from May 19 to 21.’

To support the candidate of his ruling party in a municipal election, Kishida traveled to the Saikazaki port in the Wakayama prefecture.

The attack happened just before the speech of the PM.

On the scene, a guy who seemed to be a suspect was detained. According to NHK footage, the man was surrounded by police officers who forced him to the ground and dragged him to the side.

According to NHK, “the suspect, a young guy, is accused of throwing the device.”

One witness told NHK that “while in the crowd, she saw an object fly by from behind, that there was an abrupt loud boom, and that she then escaped with her kids.”

Another eyewitness claimed “to have heard shouting and to have seen someone being arrested just prior to the explosion.”

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