A teenage hacker behind the GTA leak receives an indefinite hospital order

GTA VI hacker

Due to persistent risk, the judge decided Kurtaj stays in a secure hospital for life, pending evaluation by medical experts. Sentencing’s mental health assessment showed Kurtaj’s persistent cybercrime intent, highlighting high motivation for illicit activities. While on bail for previous hacking incidents, including Nvidia and BT/EE, Kurtaj managed to breach Rockstar Games using unconventional methods, stealing 90 clips of the highly anticipated GTA 6.

Defense cited game trailer success, downplaying harm from Kurtaj’s hack. Judge emphasized actual victims and cyber attack damage. Rockstar Games reported $5 million recovery costs and extensive staff hours. Another member of Lapsus, a 17-year-old accomplice, was also found guilty in the same trial.

Unnamed due to age, the individual got an 18-month Youth Rehabilitation Order, with supervision and an online VPN ban. The Lapsus group, described as “digital bandits,” shocked the cybersecurity world with audacious attacks on multinational corporations, leading to a detailed report by US cyber authorities highlighting their infiltration methods. Lapsus$ gains are unclear; companies didn’t admit paying hackers, and hackers didn’t reveal seized wallet passwords publicly.

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