All Eyes On Rafah: Anger Erupts Following Israeli Airstrike Resulting in 45 Civilian Deaths

A child rests on the day Palestinians travel on foot along with their belongings, as they flee Rafah due to an Israeli military operation, in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, May 28, 2024. REUTERS/Hatem Khaled

The Israeli air strike on a refugee camp in Gaza’s Rafah resulted in the tragic deaths of at least 45 individuals, including children.

This incident has sparked international outrage and further intensified the global isolation that Israel is facing due to the ongoing war in Gaza. It is worth noting that this attack occurred shortly after the International Court of Justice had ordered Israel to cease its operations in Rafah. Despite this order, Israeli forces continued their assault on the border town, which was once considered a place of refuge.

The phrase “All Eyes On Rafah” has gained significant attention, symbolizing the ongoing genocide in Gaza and serving as a rallying cry for global support and awareness for the affected Palestinians. This phrase has become a trending topic on social media, with numerous celebrities sharing messages of support using the hashtag #AllEyesOnRafah.

Rafah served as a crucial entry point for humanitarian aid until Israel intensified its military operations on the Gaza border, resulting in the seizure of the crossing. Fighting in Rafah has forced over a million Palestinians to flee, many of whom were already displaced due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Palestinians express their vulnerability to Israeli attacks regardless of their location, leading to movements across the Gaza Strip in recent months. When Israeli forces instructed residents in the north to evacuate before launching operations in central Gaza and Khan Yunis, hundreds of thousands sought refuge in Rafah.

The health ministry in Gaza, controlled by Hamas, reported that Israeli shelling in and around health facilities in Rafah has left only one operational. Humanitarian organizations are warning of a deepening crisis in Gaza following the conflict in Rafah, which has disrupted the main aid routes into the region. Israel’s recent incursion into Rafah has sparked international outrage and condemnation.

Despite global criticism and a warning from the US, Israel has pledged to continue its offensive in Rafah. The United Nations has repeatedly raised concerns about the risk of famine, particularly in the northern part of besieged Gaza. Since the incursion in Rafah, the UN Secretary-General has expressed growing apprehension about malnutrition in the southern region.

The Israeli military stated that their airstrikes targeted a Hamas facility in Rafah, resulting in the deaths of two senior Hamas members, Yassin Rabia and Khaled Nagar. They acknowledged reports of civilian casualties and stated that an investigation into the incident was underway.

The US is facing mounting pressure to take a stronger stance following a deadly attack in Gaza. Questions are arising about how long President Joe Biden can tolerate Israel’s offensive in Rafah, especially after the International Court of Justice ordered a halt to the violence.

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