Amazon Shuts Down Construction Site in Connecticut After Several Nooses Found

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Amazon has shut down construction at a site in Windsor, Connecticut after several ropes tied up as nooses were found hanging from beams, according to a new report from USA Today. At least seven possible nooses have been found at the construction site since April 27.

The latest noose was found on Wednesday, according to, prompting Amazon to completely shut down the site until it can figure out what’s going on. It’s not clear how many of the ropes definitively looked like nooses but the FBI’s Civil Rights Division has been brought in to investigate.

“Some of them were just rope that was tied at the end and some were twisted in a manner to look like a noose,” Windsor Police Capt. Andrew Power told USA Today.

“We continue to be deeply disturbed by the incidents happening at the construction site in Windsor and have ordered its shut down until necessary security measures can be put in place,” Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel said in a statement Thursday.

The FBI is involved in the investigation, David Sundberg, special agent in charge of the bureau’s New Haven field office, said, and lending its resources to Windsor police.

Seven possible nooses have been discovered at the site. After the first was found, police said they were informed on April 29 that five others were found.

Police said at that time that no other messages or markings were found at or around the site that shed light on intent or target.

Hundreds of workers from different companies have access to the site, police have said.

Amazon and the development company are offering a combined reward of $100,000 for information to find those responsible, an Amazon official said at a news conference

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