America’s Museum of Ice- cream launched its outlet in Singapore

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On Thursday, America’s Museum of Ice Cream opened its first overseas location in Singapore, offering a delicious diversion from the coronavirus, which has stopped numerous leisure activities across the city-state.

To avoid crowding, visitors were asked to make reservations in advance, and many were enthusiastic about the interactive exhibits, which included free-flowing ice cream and a children’s ball pool filled with plastic multi-colored ice cream sprinkles.

While chewing into a red bean potong ice cream, one of the Singapore edition’s local specialties, health coach Trudy Sweeney commented, “We had a lot of fun in the bouncy castle, we were wearing our masks, but bouncing off the calories.”

Mitch Tugade, a friend of hers, said the museum provided a welcome respite from the plague.

It’s a wonderful place to be – it’s cheerful, and you forget about the world outside when you’re here.’

The Museum of Ice Cream announced plans to add more sites shortly, with the next one set to open on Saturday in Austin, Texas.

Its flagship New York museum is a hit with social media influencers and welcomes celebrities on a regular basis.

A significant advantage, according to Pirakash T, Asia Pacific head of Museum of Ice Cream Singapore, was seeing people pleased.

‘It also aids your creative part of the brain, as well as your ability to forget about things.’ So I definitely think it’s useful, because it helps you to disconnect from what’s going on outside,’ he said.

Coronavirus protocols are strictly enforced at the 60,000-square-foot (5,574-square-meter) museum, which include mandatory check-ins and the presentation of vaccination certificates or negative COVID-19 testing.

‘We absolutely feel safe,’ said personal trainer Amanda Lim, ‘since we’re all wearing masks except when we’re eating the snacks and the vaccination rate is so high here.’ ‘We thought it was a no-risk situation, so we’re glad we’re here.’

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