An attack on the police chief’s office in Karachi results in the deaths of 5 Pakistani Taliban terrorists

Five Tehrik-e-Taliban terrorists with heavy weapons were killed when security forces were able to regain control of the Karachi Police Chief’s headquarters following a bold attack by the terrorists in the nation’s most populated city.

Around 10.50 p.m., the nearly four-hour-long procedure to retake the five-story building came to an abrupt end as a result of a heavy exchange of gunfire between the TTP militants and security forces, which also resulted in the deaths of four other individuals, including two police constables, a warrior, and a civilian.

During the operation, five terrorists were killed, according to a top security source. He stated that in addition to the 5 police officers, rangers, and a citizen, there had been four more fatalities and 17 injuries that had been reported to hospitals.

The attack is a major source of worry and embarrassment for the provincial government because the “Saddar police station” and the “Karachi Police Chief office” are both located on the main “Shahrah-e-Faisal road”, Karachi’s main thoroughfare, which is also home to several strategically important buildings, including the Pakistan Air Force’s Faisal Base and five-star hotels.

Terrorists have increased strikes on security forces and facilities, as well as mosques and markets, around the nation after the TTP and government’s November 2017 ceasefire agreement collapsed, but Karachi has not recently seen a significant event.

The most recent significant incident occurred in June 2020, when four militants from the outlawed Baloch Liberation Army attacked the Karachi Stock Exchange. Three people were murdered in the attack, but the four insurgents were also killed as they attempted to enter the stock exchange’s grounds.

In the past, Karachi security installations have been the target of daring terrorist attacks by the outlawed TTP, which has claimed authority for Friday’s attack. One such attack occurred in 2011, when the PNS Mehran base was attacked.

Ten security personnels died as a result of the 17-hour assault and clearing operation. In the raid, two surveillance planes made in the US were also damaged.

The original gateway at Jinnah International Airport was also hit by the TTP in 2014, resulting in 24 fatalities and extensive property damage.

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