Lateral Bridge Strives to Redefine the Tech Hiring Space through Its Staff Augmentation Solutions

In early January 2023, Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. announced the mass layoff of 10,000 employees shortly after Microsoft announced that it would lay off 10,000 employees in 2023. Over the last year or so, mass layoffs have become a trend in the global tech industry, and the reason behind this is not very complex as it seems. Tech giants around the world are letting their employees go in a cost-cutting effort in view of a speculated recession. However, losing so much of the workforce can hurt an organisation in more adverse ways than you can think of, including project delays, loss of valuable clients, overworked and dissatisfied employees, and so on. In this scenario, staff augmentation has emerged as an efficient alternative to traditional hiring efforts. Lateral Bridge is a one-of-its-kind company that offers staff augmentation solutions to tech companies around the globe.

The founding pillars of Lateral Bridge are Chirag Thakker (CEO and Co-founder) and Abhishek Bartakke (CBO and Co-founder. Chirag is a recruiter by passion who has 14 years of experience in handling HR operations and has exposure to Talent Acquisition beyond domestic boundaries. He has recruited for senior positions in countries, such as Australia, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, and the UK. On the other hand, Abhishek is a seasoned professional with over 16 years of organisational experience in Human Resources. Moreover, he has hands-on experience in global service delivery, building and managing operations, process efficiency, quality excellence, knowledge pool enrichment, and cultural/behavioural transformations. Together, they laid the foundation for Lateral Bridge to bridge the rising gap between the demand and supply of tech talent.

Despite having a wide pool of tech talents in the global market, it is challenging for enterprises to locate and access those talents in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Lateral Bridge has brought reliable and affordable staff augmentation solutions to address this issue on behalf of tech organisations. The company allows its clients to build a team of experienced and highly-qualified professionals without going through the traditional hiring process.

“In my long stint in HR, I noticed various shortcomings as well as trends in Tech jobs. Right from issues in hiring to attrition. This is and was majorly happening because of unfavourable economics of demand and supply of tech talent, which transitioned the market into a job seeker’s market. Tech companies were bulk hiring, and talent had an upper hand in terms of negotiation due to the high demand. However, companies are now shifting towards the plug-and-paly model of staff augmentation to beat the recession and increase their profitability through cost-cutting.” says Chirag, CEO and Co-founder of Lateral Bridge.

With Lateral Bridge, companies can onboard an entire team within 7-30 days at a competitive price point. What makes Lateral Bridge stand out from its market peers is its focus on the quality of its professionals. You can get able and stable talents with 1-10 years of experience in the tech industry as per your project requirements.

Moreover, this lean start-up is the only company that has a network of most trusted vendors for offshore and nearshore talent pools in 15+ new-age talent hubs like Vietnam, the Philippines, Brazil, Ukraine, Lithuania, Argentina, Mexico, and more, making it a one-stop solution for your staff augmentation requirements. Today it is well established to serve companies from the US, Europe, Gulf, Africa, Russia, and Southeast Asia. It also plans to enter the New Zealand and Australian markets soon.

With 50+ tech vendors across the globe, and a steady rise in demand for augmented resources it now envisions redefining the staff augmentation space through its scalable and reliable solutions.

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