An Indian YouTuber and also a pilot created history by designing the largest map of India in the sky

On the occasion of Republic Day, well-known YouTuber, professional pilot, and fitness coach Gaurav Taneja will draw a sizable Indian map in the air. This programme is carried out as part of his “Asman Mein Bharat” objective.

A few days ago, the news was openly shared with the internet community by Gaurav Taneja and his spouse, Ritu Taneja. According to the YouTuber, the beginning of a new era is marked by India’s 75th anniversary of independence. The Asman Mein Bharat mission seeks to instil a sense of nationalist pride in Indians.

According to Gaurav, this is their way of encouraging the growth of the nation and also a portion of the Government of India’s efforts to unite the country behind the tri-coloured “tiranga.”

“The largest map of India was developed by us, he wrote. We produced a 350-kilometre-long map during an almost three-hour flight.  Bharat Mata’s Aashirvaad is feasible; please support it.”

As he expresses his gratitude for receiving the chance to carry out his ideal endeavour, the YouTuber and blogger are overcome with elation and surrounded with unbridled pride.

With his twelve years and 6000 hours of flying experience, Gaurav was able to complete this task in far less than 3 hours by travelling about 350 km through the air.

Since this unique event is taking place for the first time in Indian history, the entire nation watches it on various platforms. This endeavour arouses one’s sense of patriotism and inspires a joy of Indian freedom.

The “Asman Mein Bharat” objective, according to the report, is Gaurav’s endeavour to make his experience as a pilot and his affection and enthusiasm for flying known. This goal also aims to elevate India to its highest potential as a nation.

More than seven million people subscribe to Gaurav Taneja’s family-focused YouTube channel, “Flying Beast.” In addition to the Flying Beast account, he runs two other videogame- and fitness-related YouTube channels.

Nearly two million individuals subscribe to his workout channel, FitMuscle TV. In the meantime, he has a gaming channel named “Rasbhari Ke Papa” with more than a million subscribers. With more than 3 million followers, Gaurav also enjoys a sizable number of Instagram followers.

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