‘Arrest Randeep Hooda’ Trends on Twitter After His ‘Sexist & Casteist’ Joke on Mayawati Goes Viral

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Randeep Hooda has been mired in controversies by mocking Mayawati, the Bahujan Samaj Party leader. People have described his joke as sexist and racist. Along with this, a demand for his arrest is also being made-  #ArrestRandeepHooda is trending on social media  these days.

Actually, an old video of Randeep recently went viral in which he is talking about social media.  The clip was taken from an event organized by a media house in 2012 and it has resurfaced now after a Twitter user shared it.The video starts with the actor saying ‘I think I will tell a very dirty joke’ and made Mayawati, the premise for the joke.   

Now on Twitter, where some people are asking to apologize to Randeep, since the video went viral, many people are demanding to arrest him. Users say that Randeep is racist and has no respect for women.

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has her own supporters who call her Iron Lady, and everyone praises her for forming a government in the state on her own. In such a scenario, this joke might cost him a lot. People are furious on social media, someone wrote that ,”Randeep Hooda this is not a joke. Till today there is no joke on any male leader and you have made such obscene jokes on a Dalit and backward women leader. This is wrong.”

Randeep Hooda immediately suffered the brunt of this 9-year-old video and has been questioned on his way of thinking. He has been removed from the position of Ambassador of the Environment Body of the United Nations. Randeep was appointed as ambassador for the conservation of migratory species of wild animals under the UN Environment Treaty for three years in February 2020 itself.

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