Bitcoin Podcaster Aims to Elevate Non-League Clubs to Premier League

Peter McCormack, owner of a non-league football club and host of a Bitcoin podcast, envisions his hometown of Bedford nurturing a Premier League team, citing the town’s potential for growth and success.

McCormack, a Bedford native, acquired Bedford FC in 2001 and recently secured a consecutive promotion, positioning the club to compete in the Southern League Division One Central next season, marking progress up the English football league pyramid.

Asserting the town’s capacity for expansion, McCormack highlighted the forthcoming Universal Studios theme park as a catalyst for Bedford’s growth trajectory.

Emphasising the club’s commitment to excellence, McCormack outlined ambitious plans to establish “Real Bedford” as a globally recognised brand, leveraging its association with Bitcoin to attract sponsors and investors. Notably, Gemini founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss recently injected $4.5 million into the club, reinforcing its financial stability and growth prospects.

With a dual audience comprising local supporters and a substantial US fanbase, McCormack underscored the club’s appeal and its potential for international recognition. Livestreamed matches cater to its American followers, comprising a significant portion of its overall fanbase.

While currently situated at the McMullen Park ground, McCormack expressed intentions to secure a larger venue, emphasising the club’s steadfast commitment to remaining rooted in Bedford.

Reflecting on the club’s journey, McCormack noted a significant increase in attendance, with recent games drawing crowds exceeding 1,000 spectators. He likened Bedford’s population size favourably to that of Premier League towns like Burnley, underscoring the town’s untapped potential.

Looking ahead, McCormack outlined an ambitious timeline, aiming to secure a spot in the Football League within the next decade with aspirations of eventual Premier League status, aligning with the vision of the club’s newfound investors.

In summary, McCormack’s leadership and strategic vision position Bedford FC as a rising force in English football, poised to capitalise on Bedford’s growth and realise its Premier League aspirations through sustained dedication and investment.

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