Bob Barker, host of “The Price Is Right” for 35 years, passes away at 99.

Bob Barker, the esteemed host of the US television game show “The Price Is Right” for a remarkable 35-year tenure, has passed away at the age of 99.

For over three decades, Barker graced the screens as the genial face of the enduring game show, which holds the distinction of being the longest-running of its kind in the United States. Audiences worldwide eagerly tuned in to watch the show on a daily basis, testifying to its global popularity.

From the inaugural season in 1972 until 2007, Barker presided over the show with his trademark charm. His accomplished career spanned radio and television, amassing a total of 19 Emmy awards across six decades. His agent confirmed that he died of natural causes at his residence near Los Angeles.

Publicist Roger Neal, in a heartfelt statement, referred to Barker as “The World’s Greatest MC [Master of Ceremonies] who ever lived,” acknowledging his immense contribution to the entertainment world.

Born in Washington State in December 1923, Barker’s journey began with service in the US Navy during World War Two, paving the way for his subsequent radio and television ventures.

On the iconic CBS show “The Price Is Right,” Barker’s jovial invitation to “come on down” resonates with excited contestants as he challenges their grasp of consumer item prices in exchange for prizes. His legacy continued when he passed the baton to comedian Drew Carey in 2007, after having captivated audiences until the age of 83.

Fellow entertainers expressed their admiration for Barker’s legacy. Drew Carey tweeted about his enduring influence on the set, and Adam Sandler fondly remembered him as “the man. The myth. The best,” acknowledging Barker’s significance in the industry.

Barker’s advocacy extended beyond entertainment, as he was notably a devoted champion of animal rights. Hollywood actor James Woods highlighted this aspect of his legacy, praising his commitment to animal welfare causes. Not only was Barker a vegetarian for over four decades, but he also vocalised his concerns about animal cruelty and actively donated to animal rights initiatives.

In this lasting tribute to Bob Barker, we remember not only his mastery as a game show host but also his profound impact on advocating for the voiceless and standing up for the well-being of all living creatures.

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