COVID cases are increasing most rapidly in Gujarat

Currently, there are 5,915 active COVID cases in India, with Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Kerala accounting for 70% of those instances. According to the data, Gujarat has experienced the greatest increase in active cases out of the four states, all of which have more than 500 active cases.

Viral mutations and antigenic drift occur. They change slightly and have a greater likelihood of spreading disease. Some years would be better, but we’ll have to put up with it like other illnesses. There will occasionally be a surge in instances, according to Dr. Randeep Guleria, the current chairman of Gurugram’s Medanta Hospital and a former director of the AIIMS-Delhi. Those at high risk should begin practising COVID-appropriate behavior, such as using masks, washing their hands frequently, and avoiding crowded areas, he noted.

On the morning of March 12, there were 213 active cases in Gujarat, according to the statistics. To put the number in context, the increase in weekly instances for Maharashtra was 39%, for Kerala it was 15%, and for Karnataka, it was 19%.

From 90 cases per day on March 15 to 179 cases per day on March 18, Gujarat has doubled its daily caseload in only three days. There were only 45 instances on March 13, just two doubling days earlier. In all, from 48 on March 12 to 179 on March 18, more cases have been active throughout the previous week.

Nonetheless, there have been few hospitalizations and a small number of patients needing oxygen assistance for ICU admission, according to other speakers at the event, who also noted that there may be brief surges.  The bulk of COVID cases are older than 50 and have comorbid conditions, according to experts, who noted that there have been a few occurrences in hospitals. One of the patients, who had been admitted to the hospital using COVID, is receiving BiPAP assistance, according to critical care specialist Dr. Amit Prajapati.

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