Djokovic Invites Kohli to Tennis Clash Following Online Praises

In a surprising turn of events, the virtual camaraderie between Serbian tennis maestro Novak Djokovic and Indian cricket superstar Virat Kohli may soon find expression on the tennis court. The duo, who have been exchanging praises and admiration online, have sparked speculation of a potential real-world meet-up after Djokovic extended a formal invitation to Kohli.

Their unlikely friendship came to light when Djokovic revealed, ahead of the Australian Open 2024, that he and Kohli had been “text buddies” for several years. Kohli reciprocated by sharing their social media encounters in a video posted by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) prior to the India vs. Afghanistan second T20I in Indore.

Acknowledging Kohli’s recounting of their friendship, Djokovic expressed gratitude and invited the cricket icon for a match together. Djokovic, who has recently shown a keen interest in cricket, left the nature of the match—whether it be with bat and ball or on the tennis court—open-ended.

“Thank you for these kind words, Virat Kohli. Looking forward to the day we play together,” Djokovic wrote on X (formerly Twitter), sending the internet into a frenzy with the unexpected crossover of sports superstars.

Djokovic’s foray into cricket was evident when he played tennis with Australian cricketer Steve Smith before the Australian Open. His interactions with the former Australia cricket captain garnered attention, hinting at a growing association between Djokovic and the gentleman’s game.

The genesis of Djokovic and Kohli’s friendship began when Djokovic mentioned their text exchanges, stating, “Virat Kohli and I have been texting a bit for a few years. We never got a chance to meet in person, but it was really an honour and a privilege to hear him speak nicely about me.”

Kohli, narrating his side of the story, revealed that he reached out to Djokovic organically through Instagram, only to find that the tennis legend had already messaged him. Their friendship blossomed with regular exchanges of congratulatory messages on achievements, epitomizing supreme fitness and excellence even in their mid-30s.

As both athletes continue to shine in their respective sports, fans are eagerly awaiting a possible face-off between Djokovic and Kohli, either on the tennis court or, perhaps, the cricket field, creating a unique spectacle that transcends the boundaries of their individual sports.

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