Emilia Clarke and Mother Awarded MBEs for Advocacy on Brain Injuries

Actress Emilia Clarke expresses her enthusiasm for being honoured with an MBE, alongside her mother Jenny, in the New Year Honours. The Game of Thrones star, who survived two brain haemorrhages, established the charity SameYou in 2019 to advocate for individuals with brain injuries.

Clarke highlights that the MBEs are a recognition of their commitment to the cause and charity. The duo, believed to be the first mother-daughter pair on the same honours list, will be attending the palace to receive the award.

Recounting her challenging experience, Emilia shares the harrowing moments of facing brain haemorrhages in her 20s. She emphasises the lack of adequate support and rehabilitation post-hospitalisation, leading to her founding SameYou with her mother.

Jenny underscores the critical need for extended and early rehabilitation, revealing that their charity has funded projects like the NROL trial, focusing on online neurorehabilitation. The SameYou initiative strives to fill the gaps in support for brain conditions, urging the government to take brain injury and recovery more seriously.

The charity has been instrumental in raising awareness and implementing practical solutions, such as online rehabilitation. Clarke, who initially kept her experiences private, expresses pride in building a foundation for discussing brain injuries openly. She emphasises the importance of combating the stigma associated with brain injuries, noting that people often feel ashamed.

While Clarke acknowledges experiencing some effects, including fatigue and heightened anxiety, she underscores the positive impact of their work, especially the NROL online rehabilitation program.

In paying tribute to her mother, Emilia emphasises that the MBEs are a testament to her mother’s substantial contributions. Jenny, in turn, sees the honour as a recognition not for them but for the countless individuals worldwide who lack a voice in the realm of brain injuries.

The acknowledgment in the New Year Honours not only celebrates the achievements of Emilia Clarke and her mother but also raises awareness about the pressing issues surrounding brain injuries and the need for enhanced support systems.

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