Exclusive interview with Debjani Mukherjee, Founder & CMD of Nanighar Ghar Se Dil Tak

Debjani Mukherjee, Founder & CMD of Nanighar Ghar Se Dil Tak receives the Global 50 Glory Award 2021 for achievement in the Food industry. She wants to make Nanighar a platform where 2 lacs plus moms can join in the next 3 years. Here’s an exclusive interview with Debjani Mukherjee:

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I (Founder Nanighar) could not have seen COVID-19 coming, but as a mother of 3 daughters and a CEO of a company, I understood the need for home food and the need for women empowerment in India is very much needed.

I am an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and MICA, a certified Marketing analyst from Wharton University and with almost 22 yrs. of extensive experience and being a CEO of 7000 cr. The project, which was a conglomeration with Emami, Shrachi, and Keventers group, at my post 40’s I decided to start Nanighar in 2019.

I have expertise in handling corporate branding, business development, PR, and Real estate Marketing & Sales. I am now taking care of the Marketing, operations, and Funding. In my last designation, I was a CEO for a 10000 crs conglomerate.

The journey was not smooth though when in 1996 a young girl came to Kolkata who was unable to speak fluent English but had loads of determination and big dreams.

Even when I started Nanighar, despite being a very successful CEO the inner battle was heavy too apart from other pressures including financial.

Now my biggest dream is to make Nanighar a platform where 2 lacs plus moms can join in the next 3 years.

What were the challenges that you faced initially and how did you overcome them?

The challenges are still there, and we have decided not to succumb to the challenges. The biggest challenges are using the latent talents and making them professional chefs.

What has been your most significant achievement?

Making 300 moms breaking the stereotype and becoming an entrepreneur and earning a lac per month.

How do you come up with new ideas?

As they say, the invention is the mother of necessity. Being a CEO and Mom of 3 daughters I always used to seek home food and I never got it. The idea then came if the homestay mothers who are too good in the culinary skills can become financially independent and be a great help for the working Moms like us as they will provide healthy food for our family.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Of course, my mother.

What motivates you?

Women empowerment is the one thing that keeps me going and motivates me.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Work, work and work.

Who do you look toward for advice?

Industry specialists, friends and well-wishers.

How do you define success?

Success is a sense of giving back to the world and making a difference. It could mean a sense of accomplishment. To me, Success is to see lacs of women becoming independent and find Nanighar a platform for them to be successful in life.

What are your growth plans for the next 12 months?

5 cities, 20 cuisines. 5000 moms or home chefs registered in the Nanighar platform.

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