Exclusive interview with Shitiz Garg, Founder and Chief Architect of Design Your Nest

Shitiz Garg, Founder and Chief Architect of Design Your Nest receives the Global 50 Glory Award 2021 for achievement in Interior Designing. He creates attractive and beautiful homes for any budget and works with smart materials. Here’s an exclusive interview with Shitiz Garg:

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Shitiz Garg passed out in 2005 as an Architect from IP University Delhi, I started my career in interiors only and learned details of using different materials, their joineries. I work very closely with labourers at sites. I am incredibly open to working with smart materials which are cost-effective and aesthetically look attractive. The driving force to be an entrepreneur is cost-effective smart solutions to create beautiful homes for any budget. Especially to provide “MEANING TO EVERY INCH”.

What were the challenges that you faced initially and how did you overcome them?

a. Timelines to work at sites – Solution – We build 80% of units in the factory, not to have any restrictions for the work.

b. Getting Skilled Labors – As we work on new materials, sometimes it is tough to get skilled labourers for execution – Solution – We test n try at the factory with our in-house labours first, once we succeed then only, we build at the client’s site.

What has been your most significant achievement?

I have started my venture from home as a one-man army. Now, we are able established our Exhibition Center with Factory, we have 57 people team in different departments. Working out the turnover of 30lacs to 50lacs revenue on a monthly basis. Completed Successfully 50+ Beautiful Homes Across Bengaluru. In which Bungalow, Villas, Apartments, and Independent Floor homes are included.

How do you come up with new ideas?

It would be a tough question but let me try to reply. As a company, we are providing, freedom to choose core material to customers of any brand Like Century, Green Ply, or other local brands with ISO–certified products, we give multiple choices of Exposed Finishes, we provide end to end solutions even the décor items too. Instead of creating Experience Center, we have created an Exhibition Center, Where Customers can come and see our process of creating their Dream Home. Ideas such as DIY, Samples of Plywood and other Materials, Machines on which we work. By mentioning all these points, I would say, we try our level best to understand and listen to client requirements in detail. It helps us to Create Design as a “Function Follow Form” strategy.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

There are multiple people,

1. Dr Vivek Bindra – Motivational Speaker and Business Coach

2. Lauri Baker – the world-famous architect

3. Samir Modi – MD of Modicare

What motivates you?

a. Integrity – Respect your words.

b. Optimistic – Be positive about what is happening and focus on your desires rather than results.

c. Transparency – Communication is the key to resolving all the conflicts and conspiracy, communicate before commencing.

d. Training and Education – Update yourself with New Technology and Materials and fill the hunger quotient of mind with lots of training sessions for yourself as well as a team.

What does a typical day look like for you?

a. Optimistic approach for all problems.

b. Learn from anyone and anything.

c. Zeal to achieve what customer desires.

Who do you look toward for advice?

My Team Members

  1. My Wife – Manu
  2. Marketing Team
  3. Sales Team
  4. Design Team
  5. Production Team

How do you define success?

Success is a journey, not a destination. Create your Goal Faster, Take Decision Faster, Achieve Faster.

What are your growth plans for the next 12 months?

To achieve a milestone of 50cr turnover with a team size of 250+ members. 

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