Following a legal fight, an imitation “Malabar Gold & Diamonds” showroom was closed in Pakistan.

“Malabar Gold & Diamonds,” a jeweller brand, announced on Friday that a rival showroom operating under its name in Islamabad had been closed down as a result of legal action.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds added clarification by saying that it doesn’t have a showroom in Pakistan.

The business said in a statement that Muhammad Faizan, a citizen of Pakistan, had illegally used the Malabar Gold & Diamonds brand name to run a jewellery store in Islamabad.

According to the statement, Mr. Faizan controlled social media accounts in Pakistan using the company name, brand ambassadors, and product photographs, in addition to exploiting the brand name and other trademarks to run his jewellery store.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds claimed in a statement that the brand had “filed an administrative case” in Pakistan, which led to an instant halt to the unauthorised use after a court ruling.

The Pakistani court quickly ruled that all “Malabar Gold & Diamonds” signboards must be removed and that all use of the business name and trademarks must cease.

The corporation filed a request for contempt in court when the accused disobeyed the court’s orders, which resulted in the accused’s arrest, imprisonment, and presentation to the court.

According to the owner of “Malabar Gold & Diamonds,” Mr. Faizan sought them out for a settlement and later agreed to the brand’s terms because jail time was a foregone conclusion of the civil case.

Since then, all billboards displaying the Malabar Gold & Diamonds brand name and other intellectual assets have been taken down.

“Trust is the cornerstone of our business, which has been built. As is clear from this instance, Malabar Gold & Diamonds will take all reasonable steps to thwart and deter any such operations in order to uphold the faith our customers have placed in us,” stated Malabar Group Chairman M.P. Ahammed.

Around the Far East, the Middle East, the USA, and India, Malabar Gold & Diamonds has 317 retail locations.

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