An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.9 hits southern Haiti; four people are killed and others are hurt

Early on Tuesday, a 4.9-magnitude earthquake slammed southern Haiti, leaving at least four people dead and 36 injured, according to authorities.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred in the early hours of the morning close to the coastal city of Jeremie in the southwest.

According to Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency, two homes fell during the earthquake, and a crucial highway connecting Jeremie and Les Cayes was shut down.

According to Frankel Maginaire, of “Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency” in Jeremie, three of the victims were discovered underneath a collapsed house where rescuers were looking for further victims.

He claimed that numerous kids had to be treated at hospitals for wounds they had from scurrying and panicking.

In an effort to look for survivors among the wreckage, a swarm of people assembled around one home that fell. One victim was wrapped in a sheet, and at least one was brought out.

“Geologist and engineer” Claude Prepetit, who works for Haiti’s Bureau of Mines and Energy, told Radio Caraibes that earlier this year, lesser earthquakes in southern Haiti served as a precursor to the larger one that hit on Tuesday.

Nearly two years had passed since a 7.2-magnitude earthquake with greater devastation in Les Cayes killed more than 2,200 people in southern Haiti. Still residing in camps are some folks who lost their houses in August of last year.

At least 2,00,000 people died and many structures were completely destroyed in 2010 when a “magnitude-7” earthquake struck close to the heavily populated city of Port-au-Prince.

Haiti is still working to recover after the weekend’s severe flooding, which resulted in at least 51 fatalities, 140 injuries, and almost 31,600 homes being submerged.

The Prime Minister of the country, Ariel Henry, has asked for outside help.

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