Good news for drivers! Toll tax will not be given if there is a line longer than 100 meters

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The National Highway Authority of India (NHIA) has issued new guidelines for toll plazas to reduce the waiting time of vehicles at toll points across the country. He has said that every vehicle should be served in 10 seconds. This deadline should be adopted even at the peak time of the pressure of the vehicles on the highway so that the vehicles have to wait at least for the time in the queue.

For the drivers, this news is no less than good news and relief for motorists. Actually, according to the rule of NHAI, if the queue of vehicles on the toll exceeds 100 meters for some reason, in that case all the vehicles will be allowed to be given without toll until the queue of vehicles from the toll point is returned within 100 meters. Said that a streak will be made from yellow color to find a distance of 100 meters at all toll nakas.

Now the government has made a big rule regarding toll plazas according to which if any vehicle gets jammed more than 100 meters on the toll plaza then toll tax will not be charged from the vehicles. Apart from this, if vehicles have to wait for more than 10 seconds for payment of toll tax, then in this situation also toll tax will be made free. This is being done so that traffic jams do not occur on the toll plaza and the movement of vehicles continues at normal speed.

To implement the new rule, yellow lines will also be drawn at toll collection points, the toll contractor will be instructed to waive the toll for the drivers if the traffic goes beyond the yellow line. The National Highway Authority says that most toll plazas do not have to wait for vehicles after the fastag to become mandatory due to which there are no 100 meter long lines.

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