How Nike came up with sneakers adapted for people disabilities

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Over 8 years ago, A teen Cerebral Palsy wrote a letter to Nike mentioning his disappointment that how no athletic brand has thought of creating sneakers for people with disabilities like himself. In the letter he talked about how Cerebral palsy stiffens the muscles in his body casing restriction in movement hence a simple task like wearing shoes can feel like a problem.

This inspired Nike to come up with sneakers which can worn without bending. this first completely hands-free range is called ‘Nike FlyEase’ and is designed by Toby Hatfield. The range sparked a debate on the internet about how the range encouraged people to be lazy as well while the fact that how great it is for people with disabilities came forward afterwards

This range was unveiled 6 days ago and will be available to select members from 15th February. The range will also be widely available afterwards and will cost around $120.

These hinged sneakers close upon pressing ones heal down and are a great sense of hope for people with disabilities. Here Matthew Walzer, who wrote the letter has acted like a true hero by writing the letter and coming forward with the issue

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