Minnesota teacher erases over $40 million dollars in medical debt for strangers

Sharon McMahon is a former high school teacher who used her online platform which was an Instagram handle with the name of @sharonsaysso for extending her teaching. she used this platform to raise over $400,000 which she donated to a NY based charity so they could use it to erase medical debt of strangers.

this huge amount has made a huge impact on lived of medical students as each $1 forgives $100 in medical debt therefore the $400,000 forgives $40 million,

As many people have no idea how crushing it is to have medical debt this is still an amazing display of humanity and should be encouraged so people come forward with creative initiatives like this. Sharon here has been very creative and has used the technology very well as she has raised this huge amount only with the help of online fundraising. Her Instagram community raises hopes among the masses with it’s growth and the tremendous online support in a short period of time. Along with that it is an unbiased community which is constituted with people who care about humanity.

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