India, Bangladesh play significant role in ensuring security of region: Bangladesh Air Force Chief

Image credit: The Hindu

Chief of the Bangladesh Air Force, Air Marshal Shaikh Abdul Hannan, stated here on Saturday that India and Bangladesh have a crucial role to play in safeguarding the security of the region.

Mr. Hannan, who was the chief guest at the combined graduation parade of flight cadets from several branches of the Indian Air Force (IAF), stated that the two nations had an “umbilical relationship” that has grown more significant since the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war.

To ensure that our efforts are coordinated, our defence forces regularly engage in joint exercises, “he said. Both countries have a significant role to play in ensuring the security of the region.”

The Air Force Chief of the neighbouring nation noted that the Bangladesh Air Force was founded on September 28, 1971, in Dimapur, India. He said that because of this heritage, both nations now understand what it means to have respect for one another.

“There is an umbilical cord connecting Bangladesh and India. Since the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, this relationship has become more significant. “This reminds me of the vital contribution that India, as a whole, and the Indian Air Force, in particular, made during the liberation struggle in 1971,” he remarked.

Mr. Hannan gave counsel to the graduating cadets, saying that in the technologically advanced world we live in, air and space power will continue to play a significant part in combat well into the future.

He asserts that the globe will face several security concerns in the present and the future that can be successfully addressed by ongoing technological advancements.

“Strategies should be dynamic, flexible, and updated in order to stay on top of developments and be well-prepared for the escalating requirements.” According to him, the Indian Air Force is best positioned to profit from the youthful, creative brains that are capable of tackling issues in a professional and competent manner.

According to a Bangladeshi defence official, the IAF is adapting to the changing environment and recently modified the training curriculum to develop officers who are robust, energetic, and prepared for the field.

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