Indian Scientist Develops Microscope That Will Make It Much Easier To Identify Breast Cancer

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Now, it is simple to detect breast cancer cells during surgery. Actually, the endoscope was created by scientists at Imperial College in London.

This device was created by Indian doctor Khushi Vyas. It has a diameter of just one millimetre and is made to be injected into the body during surgery.

This gadget transmits images of cancerous tissue from within the body, making it simpler to remove the cancerous tissue. Even cancer cells as small as one hundredth of a millimetre can be found with it. According to the team that created it, this will significantly reduce the need for cancer follow-up surgery. Because not all cancer cells could be found at once until recently, most of the time, repeated surgeries had to be carried out to eliminate the cancer cells.

The use of this tool is also possible during breast-conserving surgery. Following the removal of the cancerous cells, the breast is rebuilt during this procedure. Currently, this procedure is necessary for 20% of breast cancer patients. This tool can swiftly and precisely identify the precise location of the tissue surrounding malignancies.

Endomicroscopes capture 120 images per second, allowing medical professionals to determine whether or not a cell is malignant. According to doctor Khushi Vyas, we are currently sending it to a clinical trial. Our goal is to make this breast cancer procedure accessible to everyone within the next five years.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, a UK research and innovation institution, helped design the device. The World Cancer Research Fund International reports that breast and lung cancer account for the majority of cancer cases worldwide. 12.5% of all cancer cases are breast cancer-specific. Every fourth female cancer patient has breast cancer.

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