Israeli forces conduct an overnight raid on Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital

Israeli forces conducted a nighttime raid on al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, reportedly involving tanks and intense gunfire.

An Israel Defence Forces (IDF) spokesperson described the operation as “high precision,”  targeting specific areas within the hospital where senior Hamas members were allegedly regrouping and launching attacks.

Eyewitnesses within the Gaza City complex described scenes of panic as heavy gunfire echoed throughout the area. Unverified footage shared on social media depicted the intensity of the situation.

A voice message from Muhammad Al-Sayyid, sent from inside the hospital, reported soldiers present in the complex, along with casualties and arrests, painting a dire picture of the situation.

The IDF did not publicly announce the operation in advance, stating it was based on urgent intelligence prompting immediate action.

In a video message, IDF chief spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari assured that the hospital would remain operational during the raid, allowing patients and staff to stay and not requiring evacuation, except for displaced individuals who could leave via a designated route.

The Gaza health ministry, controlled by Hamas, condemned the operation as a violation of international humanitarian law.

Al-Shifa Hospital, previously Gaza’s primary medical facility, has faced severe disruptions to its operations due to ongoing conflict.

International humanitarian law grants hospitals protected status during war but can revoke that protection if they are used for activities harmful to the enemy. Israel has accused Hamas of exploiting medical facilities for military purposes, a claim Hamas denies.

Earlier raids on al-Shifa uncovered tunnels and weapons, reinforcing Israel’s allegations. Similar military operations occurred at Nasser Hospital in Gaza, raising concerns and calls for explanations from international leaders.

The Israeli military’s campaign in Gaza stemmed from previous Hamas attacks, resulting in casualties on both sides.

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