Jada Pinkett Smith speaks out about the Oscars snub

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After the backlash over her husband slapping Chris Rock for making a joke about her, Jada Pinkett Smith has spoken out.

The actress highlighted a “season for healing” in a brief Instagram statement, probably referring to the Oscars ceremony.

Her husband, Will Smith, was admonished by the award’s organizers for hitting Rock.

He apologised on Monday, calling the violence “poisonous and horrible.”

The incident occurred moments before Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor when comedian Chris Rock came on stage to present the award for Best Documentary on Sunday night.

He made a joke about Pinkett Smith’s shaved head, which is due to alopecia, or hair loss.

“This is a season for healing, and I’m here for it,” Pinkett Smith said on Instagram on Tuesday, in the midst of the outrage and public debate over the merits of Rock’s joke and Smith’s behaviour.

Rock has yet to issue a public remark about either the Oscars incident or Smith’s apologies.

Ticket prices for his next comedy shows, on the other hand, are said to have increased as a result of Sunday’s events.

TickPick, a live event ticketing company, claimed on Monday that the night before it sold more tickets than the previous month combined.

According to a CBS representative, prices for an upcoming rock performance in Boston on Wednesday have jumped from $46 (£35.16) to $411 (£314).

The Oscars incident accounted for more than half of all ticket purchases for Rock’s tour, which began a month ago. The vast majority of ticket purchases for Rock’s shows on the website in the previous week 88 per cent took place after the event.

Shortly after the on-stage blow, Smith won his first Academy Award for his portrayal of Richard Williams, the father of tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams.

Smith highlighted Mr Williams in his impassioned award speech, calling him a “fierce defender of his family.”

On Monday, Mr Williams chastised Smith and expressed surprise that the incident occurred.

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