Japanese woman hides her mother corpse for 10 years to prevent eviction

Representative image. (Credit: iStockPhoto)

A shocking incident was reported from Japan, where a daughter hides her mother’s body in a freezer for 10 years. The body was discovered after the woman was forced to move out due to non-payment of the rent bill.

48 years old, Yumi Yoshino said that she hides her deceased mother’s body as she does not want to move out of Tokyo. Yumi Yoshino used to live in a flat in Tokyo with her mother and she was unwilling to leave the city so she hid the body, reported an unnamed Police source.

She feared eviction, so she decided to hide the corpse in the freezer.

The corpse was later discovered by a cleaner when Yoshino was forced to leave the house. She was unable to pay the rent dues.

During the death of Yoshino’s mother, the house was on the lease of the apartment in a municipal housing complex, said a news channel. 

No signs of injuries or any visible wound is not present on the body of the dead woman. The Police authority has still not determined the time and the cause of the woman’s death. 

The body was fit in a freezer to prevent it from decomposing for the last 10 years.

The woman who hides her mother in the freezer for the last 10 years was arrested on Friday from a hotel in the city of Chiba, near Tokyo. She was arrested “on suspicion of abandoning and hiding a female body”.

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