Why this family in Hawaii donated 300 acres of land

Picture credits: dlnr.hawaii.gov

A family in East Oahu of Hawaii donated 300 acres of land for a humble cause which we all can get behind. Patricia Godfrey and her family donated this land as large as 226 football fields in the region of Ko’olau mountains for preservation. this parcel will be designated as the Pia Natural Area Reserve and will remain protected.

According to this family this land is priceless, absolutely priceless and there’s something that the world needs to understand that there are some lands which need to be left alone which is why they decided to transfer this property to the state in the interest of environmental protection.

the land has rare, threatened and endangered species that occupy this valley which why the division of Forestry and Wildlife were very interested in protecting it. they expressed their gratitude to the family for giving them this opportunity as the land has some plants and animals which are not known anywhere else.

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