Ladakh and Mayurbhanj one of TIME’s Greatest Places

TIME’s Magazine has released its list of the world’s greatest places in 2023 and we’re elated to find two of India’s most beautiful destinations featured in it. As the Magazine revealed 50 of the greatest destinations to explore from around the world, Union Territory Ladakh and Orissa’s Mayurbhanj became the two places from India that made their way into the list. Though the travel industry struggled to find its pace after the pandemic, it is in full swing now. People are looking for new destinations to explore and spend their vacations in extraordinary sights. The government of India is also expecting to gain back the massive indulgence of people in tourism.

The nominations for places on the list came from a large network of correspondents around the world and the list was solicited based on the uniqueness and excitement each place had to offer. “The list reflects a couple of big trends in travel right now; sustainability and authenticity. Many locations on this list are finding ways to let tourists visit with a more limited environmental impact. And many have responded to travelers’ desire to have unique, local experiences by offering indigenous-led tours or curated homestays,” Emma Barker Bonomo, the senior editor at TIME said.  

While explaining the parameters for their choice, the magazine added, “Some of the destinations are enforcing more sustainable tourism practices to protect their natural beauty; the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia is moving toward allowing only one foreign visitor per local resident. Others are thriving, growing, and changing, like the city of Medellín, Colombia, which has blossomed into a culturally vibrant metropolis in the years since Pablo Escobar’s death”. 

India’s Mayurbhanj was selected as one of the greatest destinations for being the only place on earth to house exceptionally rare black tigers. Apart from the famous Similipal National Park, the place is also known for its ancient temples. “This April, Mayurbhanj Chhau, a captivating dance festival on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list will take place on a much larger scale following a pandemic hiatus,” the magazine mentioned. 

The magazine recommended experiencing Ladakh’s awe-inspiring alpine landscapes and unique Tibetan Buddhist culture and mentioned that India had taken its magnificence up a notch by designating its first Dark Sky Reserve in Hanle Village of Ladakh’s capital Leh. In addition, the magazine suggested trying Delhi’s legendary eateries, such as Karim’s and Nathu’s Sweets, both of which opened outlets in Leh in August 2022. Cafe Montagne, which opened in July 2022, for a meal of tempura fried prawns, fondue, or spicy fried chicken also found its mention in the magazine. For those heading to Turtuk Village, it recommended not missing Farmer’s House Cafe, another newly-established eatery that opened in July 2022, and trying sushi, Himalayan herbs salad with local cheese, and hand-rolled pasta with walnut sauce.

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