Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp compares Darwin Nunez to Robert Lewandowski

Image credit: BBC

Darwin Nunez has squandered opportunities in recent games for Liverpool, but manager Jurgen Klopp says he is not bothered about it, drawing analogies to Robert Lewandowski’s early Borussia Dortmund career.

Nunez, 23, has scored nine goals so far this season but has also missed a number of excellent chances.

Lewandowski was reportedly in a similar inconsistent condition when Klopp acquired him from Lech Poznan for Dortmund in 2010.

“To be honest, there are a lot of parallels,” he said.

Lewy, in my opinion, would narrate the same tale. He didn’t finish any of the shooting sessions that we had. We regularly placed bets of 10 euros, saying things like, “If you score more than 10 times, I will give you 10; if you don’t, you have to pay me.” My pocket was stuffed with cash!

“Remaining composed is key.” Remain cool when you recognise the opportunity.

Prior to the World Cup break, Nunez scored seven goals in 10 games, showing why Liverpool paid an initial £64 million to acquire the striker from Benfica in the summer.

Nunez, though, has wasted several significant opportunities since domestic football resumed, most notably in the 1-3 Boxing Day victory at Aston Villa and the 3-2 League Cup loss at Manchester City on December 22.

But Klopp is confident Nunez will rediscover his scoring touch.

“We can all see the potential,” he continued, “and I think that much is clear.”

“I believe it is obvious when you see the second opportunity, the major opportunity in the second half [against Villa], he can go a little bit on an angle and then he has a free choice, all these kinds of things,” said the author.

But everything is coming. You do it this way, and the following time, you do it that way. Lewy and I encountered this problem; however, Lewy is not the only one. I realise that he is the obvious analogy.

“I am incredibly calm, and that’s all that’s required.” Additionally, the team is composed and totally convinced, which is awesome.

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