Meghan’s political boost leaves Prince Harry in a challenging situation.

A commentator contends that Prince Harry is navigating a complex situation due to unexpected momentum in Meghan Markle’s political aspirations. President Joe Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, known to support Meghan, has given her unofficial approval for the Duchess of Sussex to potentially run for the presidency. This development follows a series of challenges Meghan has encountered, including President Biden’s refusal to provide Air Force One transportation for her and Harry after the Queen’s funeral. Since departing from royal responsibilities, Meghan has reportedly been exploring a political career.

Nonetheless, Harry seems to have reservations about Meghan’s political trajectory, as suggested by GB News’ Emily Carver. Carver observes that their ambitions diverge significantly; Meghan appears to covet extensive authority, while Harry remains preoccupied with unresolved legal matters. The prospect of Meghan holding office in the White House is viewed as an intriguing possibility.

Concurrently, reports indicate that Harry and Meghan are facing resistance from prominent Hollywood figures following their allegations of unauthorised disclosures. Tensions escalated when Meghan hinted that Victoria Beckham, David Beckham’s spouse, might be the source of leaks. Previously amicable relations between the Beckhams and the royal couple appear strained.

Royal correspondent Kara Kennedy suggests that the Sussexes are witnessing a “public pushback” from numerous high-profile individuals. Kennedy elaborates that scepticism has grown due to inconsistencies between the Sussexes’ Oprah interview and recent statements. Notably, their retractions of racism allegations have prompted a reevaluation of their credibility.

The waning interest in their status over the past three years is attributed to their departure from royal duties in 2020. Kennedy emphasises that people are increasingly aligning themselves with the future King rather than supporting a couple associated with media leaks, complaints, and a campaign against the monarchy.

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