Oli reappointed as Nepal PM as opposition fails to prove majority to form government

source: Indian Express

KP Sharma Oli was re-appointed as Prime Minister of Nepal on Thursday following factional opposition in securing a majority seat in Parliament to form the new government.

The Nepali President Vidya Devi Bandari opposition party requested the 69-year-old Oli to get majority support to form the new government by 9 pm on Thursday night after losing a crucial confidence vote on Monday.

On Tuesday, the Nepali Conference (NC), led by party leader Sher Bahadur Dubey, announced his intention to claim the post of Prime Minister.

Mr. Dubey was supported by Nepali Communist Party (Maoist) President Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”, but the meeting of the current and former general secretary on Thursday at the residence of the party leader was Janata Samajwadi Party (sharp split within the JSP)  or not supporting NC-led governments makes it impossible to form alternative governments.

The meeting of the Maoist Center Standing Committee held at the party headquarters on Thursday concluded that formation of an alternative government was impossible. The Maoist Center had earlier decided to support the formation of a NC-led coalition government.

After the opposition fails to prove a majority in Parliament, Mr Oli is expected to stake his claim to form the government.

Thereafter, President Bandari, as Prime Minister, re-appointed Mr Oli, a party with 121 seats in Parliament. He will take the oath of office tomorrow.

However, the rules require that Mr. Oli to win a confidence vote within 30 days of his appointment.

The NC had previously planned to establish a new government with the support of the Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Center), JSP, and the ruling NCP-UML (Unified Modeling Language) Madhav Kumar Nepali-led faction.

In Nepal last year on 12, President Bandari dissolved the House of Representatives and on 30 April and 10 May announced new elections on the recommendation of the Prime Minister in the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) power struggle. He got into a political crisis. On 20 March.

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