Pakistan revived the war with India after being angered by China, a task to make rapid-moving weapons


On the outskirts of India, China on the one hand and Pakistan on the other, say that if the neighbors are right then you are happy. However, China, boasting of world power, knew India’s power ten months ago because Chinese troops had entered the Pangong area of ​​Ladakh in February and had to pack their bags now that Pakistan was lying on the other side. We have EXCLUSIVE news from intelligence sources that new weapons are being purchased in Pakistan and old weapons are being prepared for war.

In fact, there is a pretense of spreading the sounds of peace in front of the world, but it is actually a supporter of fear, a lover of war, and a lover of bullets. This is known for the high number of Indian enemies in Pakistan. The Pakistani actor has been stamped again. We have special news from intelligence sources that Pakistan is collecting arms and ammunition under discussion. According to information obtained by the Intelligence Agency, Pakistan has ordered the repair of old tanks, cannons, and heavy guns that are everywhere. Apart from this, in many cants, a team of experts has been sent to reuse old weapons.

Operating arms will operate in these parts of Pakistan

Now find out which Pakistani cantos are where Operation Arms is being run. In the Canadian Cantt, the Multan Cantt, and the Muri Cant in these areas, the work of repairing Pakistan’s weapons is in full swing. Apart from this, Pakistan also buys a large number of foreign weapons in the immediate area. Pakistan buys a hot spot for the T-80 tank so that its tanks are ready for operation at night.

Pakistan has agreed with a local company to purchase a 12.7 mm sniper rifle. A day UAV from Russia buys a Form S-250, which will be 25-50 km long. Apart from this, Pakistan has signed a new radar system contract from China for its airline crew. 100-200 km wide.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s Army Commander Mohammed Amjad Niazi has instructed his military commanders to prepare for war. It is clear from all these introductions that Pakistan has prepared its own war against India and is also preparing for it. The battle of Ladakh is also empty on the battlefield and the Indian military in the LoC is completely unprepared to turn Pakistan.

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