‘People crying’ after layoffs at Amazon India; employee describes grim scenes in an anonymous post

Image credit: MSN

The e-commerce behemoth Amazon is the most recent company in the IT sector to give its staff pink slips. There are rumours that the company has given more than 1,000 staff the go-ahead to quit.

An employee of Amazon India blogged about the terrible images, including people crying in the office, when the layoffs were announced. It was shared on the professional Indian community app Grapevine.

“My team is down by 75%.” Despite being part of the final 25%, I no longer have the desire to go to work. In the cabins, they are firing people. “People are sobbing at the workplace,” the post’s title, Amazon India Current Condition, stated.

In November of last year, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy made the initial announcement of the mass layoffs, stating, “We aim to cut a little over 18,000 employees.” Although several teams are affected, our Amazon Stores and PXT organisations see the most role eliminations.

An article from India Today claims that the loss-making teams at Amazon are among those most adversely affected. The most recent round of layoffs affected both recent employees and seasoned staff from several divisions working from offices in Bengaluru, Gurugram, and other places across India.

According to the report, the corporation has additionally committed to paying 5 months’ worth of wages as part of its severance package and to maintaining most of the benefits, including insurance, as part of it. The compensation structure, however, is unpopular with some employees.

Due to rising inflation and the ferocious political climate throughout the world, employees at major tech businesses face difficulties. Other significant businesses that recently let go of staff members include Twitter, Meta, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more.

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