Pune Fashion Week a robust platform for new-age designers and model

Many well-known figures in the fashion industry firmly believe that paying attention to what’s occurring on the runways is essential if you want to develop “brand fame.” The fashion weeks are significant because they establish a pattern for the current season and impact the seasons. Pune Fashion Week is a robust fashion platform focused on showcasing outstanding GenNext talent and luxury brands to a distinguished target audience. It is rated as one of the biggest fashion extravaganzas of India, featuring the best designers of the society in full attendance.

Pune Fashion Week (PFW), which began as a traditional fashion week, has successfully evolved over the years into one of India’s top Luxury Fashion Weeks. The seven successful seasons of PFW have concentrated on putting Pune firmly on the Indian fashion map, giving GenNext designers a platform, and expressing the spirit of India and its interaction with global fashion and trends.

PFW, which has completed seven seasons and is the only city-specific fashion week with international recognition, has carved out a niche among all fashion enthusiasts. It has become a platform for top businesses and audiences to showcase their work. They have pushed the Indian fashion business global with the combination of the Face of India and Asia Model Festival.

Pune Fashion Week (PFW), which Badal launched in 2010, has become one of the most important platforms for luxury fashion exhibition in India. Over the years, Badal has accumulated a fascinating portfolio of holdings and propriety businesses in the fashion, real estate, and leisure industries. His entrepreneurial path has also led him to the point where he is currently an active member or partner on the boards of numerous businesses and a Mentor to various start-ups and corporations.

Due to his excellent fashion sense, Badal is a member of the organising committee for the Asia Model Festival, which is sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism and aims to promote the cultures and talents of 27 Asian nations. He has also been appointed as the Board member and International Business Director at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival (DPIFF), India’s only Independent International Film  Festival. ‘Fashionable Bharat’, Badal’s social initiative project, is dedicated to empowering and assisting the artisanal communities.

Through PFW, Badal is committed to globally cultivate, excel & redefine consumer experiences by creating international platforms for ideas to translate into system-driven & sustainable business realities. Through their platform, PFW encourages designers and emerging talent who want to connect with a larger, more fashion-conscious and appreciative audience.

PFW is one such venue that brings together well-known domestic and international designers who are institutions in and of themselves, as well as abundantly talented emerging names who need a sought-after platform, celebrities who support innovation in luxury and fashion, a variety of industry experts, indispensable stakeholders, and the curiously stylish end-users who make PFW a success story each year.

In the world of fashion, Badal played a key role in the conception and development of the Pune Fashion Week brand into a preeminent Indian venue for Luxury Fashion Exhibition. Badal firmly believes that “the dots always connect,” has built various profitable brands that serve B2B and B2C stakeholders in industries including fashion, private equity, international trading, hospitality, real estate & infrastructure consulting, among others.

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