Rishi Sunak claims he believed it was his “dharma” to become UK prime minister

After a year of significant political unrest, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described accepting the top position at 10 Downing Street as his “dharma.”

In a televised interview with “Talk TV” on Thursday to celebrate reaching 100 days in office as the UK’s first Prime Minister of Indian descent, he was questioned about what motivated him to take on the challenging position in the midst of a crippling cost-of-living crisis and his predecessor Liz Truss’ shortest term as Prime Minister at just 45 days.

“It’s about responsibility for me.” I was brought up according to a Hindu principle known as dharma, which loosely translates to “moral responsibility.” “It was about doing what was required of you and making an effort to act morally,” he responded.

The 42-year-old has frequently mentioned how his Hindu beliefs give him confidence. He took his pledge of allegiance in the House of Representatives on the “Bhagavad Gita” after being appointed as a member of Parliament.

The “National Health Service” (NHS) physician Yashveer and pharmacist Usha’s son, who was born in the UK, have spoken of frequent trips to the temple with their family. During last year’s presidential campaign, he took some time off to travel to a “Hare Krishna temple” outside of London for Janmashtami in order to seek good wishes.

In the lengthy interview last week, he also described his wife, Akshata, as his support system and acknowledged that with her as his better half, he was “batting beyond his normal.”

In addition to praising “the support that she gives me in this position,” he described how he lovingly proposed to her while getting down on one knee.

In response to the wave of salary-related protests in the public service, Sunak stated that “he would love to offer the nurses a large pay hike, but that he was unable to do so since doing so would fuel inflation.”

Even though it may not be popular, maintaining the current course in order to combat inflation is the appropriate move for the nation, he said.

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