Ronaldo says Qatar World Cup will not be his last tournament for Portugal

Image credit: Outlook India

Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, has stated that he intends to play for his country until at least the 2024 European Championships, following the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

It appears that Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup run this year won’t be his last. After the tournament in Qatar in December, the 37-year-old Portugal star claimed he is not considering retiring from international football and that he still intends to participate in the 2024 European Championship.

After receiving recognition from the Portuguese soccer organisation for his goal-scoring achievements, Ronaldo stated at a ceremony late on Tuesday, “My desire is incredibly great. I play for a national squad that has many young players. I want to attend the Euros and the World Cup. I want to commit to that right away.

When asked if the World Cup in Qatar would be his final tournament, Ronaldo brushed off suggestions of retiring earlier this year.

The English club’s indisputable starter for the forward has been struggling at Manchester United.

Ronaldo will enter the World Cup with a men’s record of 117 goals scored in international competition.

He is getting ready for Portugal’s Nations League games against Spain at home and against the Czech Republic on Saturday.

Portugal, the winner of the Nations League’s inaugural season in 2019, was behind Spain in the final two games by one point. The only group winners will make it through to the Final Four.

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