Saudi Arabia invited the President of Venezuela for an official visit

For an official visit, Saudi Arabia invited the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, As the oil-rich country engages in an uprising of diplomatic activity, it is reaching out to an additional U.S. enemy.

According to the state-run “Saudi Press Agency,” Mr. Maduro landed late on June 4 in the “Red Sea city” of Jeddah and was welcomed there by the officials of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia will host a global summit on tackling terrorism in its capital city of Riyadh later this week; however, the announcement made no mention of the visit’s purpose or its timing. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will serve as co-chair of the event.

Although Saudi Arabia has been a trusted partner of the United States for many years, tensions have recently increased. The Kingdom has recently established ties with President Bashar Assad of Syria and the monarchy in Iran, both of which are despised in the West.

As the past says, in an ‘Arab League summit,” Saudi Arabia welcomed the biggest ally of the West, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. But after some days, they also invited the senior official of Russia, who is against the western ally.

In a world where great power competition is becoming more prevalent, the Saudis contend that they are following their own national interests. According to experts, the diplomatic blitz is intended to boost regional stability and enhance the Kingdom’s reputation as it looks to raise capital abroad for significant construction projects.

The judges’ decision to disallow his main rivals from running resulted in Mr. Maduro’s reelection in 2018, which sent the nation into a catastrophic political and economic crisis. A drive for change that burned out during the previous two years was made by the majority of the opposition parties, who refused to accept the election results and contested Mr. Maduro’s administration by forming an interim government.

Washington has persisted in supporting the opposition and imposing severe sanctions on Maduro’s dictatorial administration in the hopes that this will bring about a change. With assistance from Turkey, Iran, and Russia, Mr. Maduro’s regime remained steadfast and fought the sanctions.

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