Shraddha Walkar’s handwritten Letter Found from 2020, “He’ll Kill Me, Cut Me Into Pieces”

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Shraddha Walkar, allegedly strangled to death by her lover Aaftab Poonawala, whose dismembered body was dumped in a forest in Delhi, is feared to have complained to the police in her hometown Tilunj in the state of Maharashtra two years ago. Investigators said today.

According to Delhi Police sources, she wrote the complaint after being beaten up in the apartment she shared with the police and said her family knew about her violent behaviour. The local police said that after talking to Shraddha’s parents, she gave another written statement saying, “we have no more quarrel” and asked that no action be taken. Aaftab’s parents were in Delhi to record a statement about the attack, as was his colleague Karan.

In a complaint dated November 23, 2020, Karan shared a picture of her disfigured face concerning what she said on WhatsApp. He was also hospitalised a week later with “internal injuries.”

“He tried to strangle me today, scared me, and threatened to kill me, dismember me. He had been beating me for six months, but I didn’t give up. Go to the police because he threatened to kill me,” she said.

But the couple, who met on a dating app and began dating in 2019, did not break up despite a 2020 complaint alleging that he had assaulted and “blackmailed” her for six months. Murder Call center staff moved to Dela in May this year.

Shraddha’s parents have no contact with her because they disapprove of interfaith (Hindu-Muslim) relations. The gruesome murder occurred days after they moved into their Mehrauli flat in Delhi in May and was only revealed months after the father left the police, and friends said he had not contacted them for months.

He said, “His parents know he hit me and tried to kill me. They know we live together and visit on weekends.” She allegedly moved in with him “because we are getting married soon and because of her family’s blessing.”

But the result: “I don’t want to live with him anymore, so all physical harm must be attributed to him because he blackmails me to kill me whenever he sees me anywhere.”

Image Source- Syndicate Feed

It is unknown how long they have been apart, but they were holidaying together in Himachal Pradesh earlier this year before moving to Delhi.

The police have found confessed confessions inadmissible as evidence of murder. The police are looking for a call to confirm that some of the body parts found in the Mehrauli forest are hers.

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