Sienna Miller Criticises “Double Standards” on Age and Pregnancy

Sienna Miller Double Standards image

Actress Sienna Miller has taken a stand against societal “double standards,” addressing criticism surrounding her pregnancy at the age of 41 and the 14-year age gap with her 27-year-old partner, actor Oli Green. In a candid discussion on Vogue’s podcast, Miller confronted the judgement she faced, characterising it as reflective of deeply entrenched misogynistic and patriarchal attitudes. She expressed frustration at the unquestioned nature of these judgements, deeming them one-sided and absurd.

Anticipating the arrival of her second daughter this month, Miller dismantled the notion that being an older woman in a relationship with a younger partner or becoming pregnant after 40 is inherently “irresponsible.” Emphasising the surprise nature of her pregnancy, she challenged the narrow perspectives that contribute to societal stereotypes.

Renowned for roles in American Sniper and Anatomy of a Scandal, Sienna Miller co-parents her 11-year-old daughter, Marlowe, with Tom Sturridge. Therefore, Oli Green, who plays Rupert Finch in Netflix’s The Crown, is her current partner.

Sienna Miller hopes to reach a point where age and pregnancy don’t prompt jokes, emphasizing the inability to legislate matters of the heart. She acknowledged the evolving dynamics in modern relationships, noting the increased awareness compared to the attitudes prevalent 20 or 25 years ago.

Therefore, touching on the intrusion of the press, Miller, who settled a phone hacking case in 2021, reflected on soefciety’s fascination with others’ misfortunes. Questioning if the public “rubbernecks” for relief from their misfortunes, she criticizes tabloids for exploiting psychological vulnerabilities.

Therefore, Sienna Miller’s remarks illuminate challenges for women in the public eye, facing ageism and societal expectations in pregnancy and relationships. Her candid conversation adds to the ongoing discourse on dismantling stereotypes and fostering a more inclusive and understanding society.

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