Tahlia McGrath’s journey of rising from the ashes

While reminiscing about the time when she was contemplating being a teacher, Tahlia McGrath says, “I thought I would end up teaching but thankfully cricket took off for me”. Tahlia McGrath’s journey in cricket started when she was just 8 years old. She had a natural inclination towards sports, and her parents encouraged her to pursue her passion. Her family was supportive of her love for cricket and ensured that she got the best training possible. She soon started to show remarkable progress in the sport and was selected for the South Australian Under-15 team when she was just 12 years old.

In 2016, she became a part of the Australian Cricket Team playing ODIs for the country at the age of 21. While still in her golden years with best form as a bowler, Tahlia suffered a stress fracture in the back. Her world came crumbling down as she couldn’t play cricket for the next three years. However, the worst part of it remained her two years in rehab. Nonetheless, the support of her friends and family brought her out of the deep hole of self sabotage. She also recollects all the efforts of her coach in helping her through the injury.

Today, Tahlia McGrath is deemed as the Number One Batter in T20I and she can’t help but call her injury “a blessing in disguise”. As her injury forced her to work more on her batting, she didn’t budge and took it as a challenge. As a result, she’s regarded as the best middle order all rounder in the Australian team at present. Ever since her debut after the injury in 2021, she has been performing vehemently with the best average and strike rate.

While speaking about how the injury changed her mindset towards the game, Tahlia simply says, “When I was younger, I put too much pressure on myself whereas now I know my game. I play to my strength and try to have fun”. Her journey hasn’t just earned her a lot of love and respect from her teammates but from all the cricket lovers worldwide. She’s an inspiration for every person who at some point, had the thought of giving up on his dreams but continued to hustle.

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