The 15th BRICS Meeting Will Take Place in Durban, South Africa; According to Sergey Lavrov

According to Sergey Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, nations like China and India are already ahead of the United States and EU members in many ways, in addition to announcing that the 15th BRICS summit will be held in Durban, South Africa, in August of this year.

At a press conference with the State of Eritrea’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Osman Saleh, in Massawa, Mr. Lavrov made these comments. In response to a query regarding Africa’s position in a world transitioning from unipolarity to multipolarity, he stated, “Africa is one of the most significant centres with gigantic potential.” The natural resources on the continent, which have been used for millennia in the extraction of wealth, are extraordinarily abundant.

He added, “Neither tours to produce mentor guidance nor the combination wars of the West can stop the establishment of new sources of economic strength and political and financial influence.” He also demanded that they stop working with the Russian delegation. Mr. Lavrov accused the West of frequently travelling to Africa.

“Countries like China and India are already significantly ahead of the United States and European countries in many areas.” Egypt, Brazil,  the countries of the Persian Gulf, Turkey, and other Latin American countries are becoming strong, autonomous centres. They will serve as the future centres of multipolarity, he said.

He described the BRICS alliance as “a sign of standardised measurement” and said that more than twelve nations have expressed a desire to join. The future BRICS summit, which will take place in August in Durban, South Africa, will centre on strengthening ties among the five nations. The multipolar historical clock is moving in the right direction, Mr. Lavrov continued.

Apparently, on June 23, 2022, the 14th BRICS summit was held, with Chinese President Xi Jinping serving as the host.

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