The ATM licker who believed COVID-19 is a conspiracy is been hunted by the Police

Image credit: Alamy

Weird things have been happening since the beginning of the pandemic but how far can someone go to deny the facts and prove that COVID-19 is just a government conspiracy. The people of the US got their answer in the new video that has been shocking the netizens across the world. 

In a CCTV footage of an ATM, a man has been captured licking the keys of the ATM. He leaned over the machine and licked all the keys just to prove that COVID-19 is not real. The man uses a crutch and his identity has not been revealed by the police. 

He also claimed that he had licked the keys of two other cash machines in Sheffield.

In a Facebook post, he said, “I’ve been going out every day since lockdown. I licked two cash machines, each and every button. If you people don’t believe, I will have to prove to you are all being lied to by a thieving government.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “We can confirm that the content of the video has been reported to police and inquiries are ongoing.”

South Yorkshire Police are investigating the matter. 

Last year a California influencer licked the toilet seat on the plane as a part of the TikTok challenge to prove that there is no coronavirus. However, he later got tested positive for coronavirus. 

Many other theorists have come out and called the COVID-19 a conspiracy and vaccine bait by industrialists. The US has currently 25.3M active cases and 421K people have died from this. 

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