Guide to become a good reader

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Reading is a great habit. If you read good things you get positive energy. Books are like the fuel of the mind, so we should read as much as we can. It helps replenish our minds with good thoughts.

“Reading is to the mind is what exercise is to the body”

Whenever someone starts cultivating this habit in themselves they find it hard to continue. To address these issues here are some easy steps to follow which can make you an avid reader.

Start with basics

Don’t jump for difficult books, this is not a wise step as it will decrease your confidence. Start from what you already know. When you will be at ease in the beginning you will find it easy to continue.

Starting with basic books. They always help and make reading enjoyable. Use the five-finger rule to pick an easy book. Pick a book read the initial pages and put up one finger for every word you don’t know or can’t pronounce. If you put up 5 or more fingers on a single page than that book is probably not that easy to start.

Work on your vocab

This may not sound interesting to some people but trust me in the long run it is very useful. Not even an expert reader knows all the word meaning in a book. Keep learning new words. Pen down all the words, make their notes, and keep revise. Make new words part of your vocab.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to be a good reader. Developing reading skills take some time so until then you keep practicing. Carry a book wherever you go, or you can have e-books.

E-books are also a good alternative as you don’t physically have to carry a book everywhere it is just one click away from you. 

Enjoy it

Don’t take too much pressure while reading. It is not a task, reading is a leisure and fun activity. Find books related to the topics that interest you. Don’t restrict yourself to monographs, read whatever pleases you. Comic books and magazines are also a good alternative to black and white books.

Create a happy environment

A happy positive environment is always good, especially for your mood. While reading if possible creates such an environment, be calm and compose it will help you think better and will give you time to reevaluate your thoughts. In simple terms, it will provide you the necessary time for self-improvement. 

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