The updated Chat-GPT can teach math and flirt

OpenAI has introduced its latest AI chatbot, ChatGPT, powered by GPT-4o. This upgraded version will be available to all users, including non-subscribers. It boasts increased speed and a more conversational and sometimes flirtatious tone in its responses.

Moreover, it now has image recognition capabilities, language translation, emotion detection, and memory recall. Despite its advancements, glitches were evident during a live demo, highlighting areas for improvement.

However, OpenAI envisions GPT-4o as the next generation of digital assistants, surpassing Siri or Google Assistant in functionality and interaction capabilities. Yet, concerns linger about the environmental impact of such sophisticated AI technology.

Although hailed as “magical” by OpenAI’s CTO, it’s essential to demystify its capabilities. While the demo showcased impressive feats, it’s crucial to remember that this is the result of intricate programming and machine learning.

While rumors suggest a potential partnership with Apple, no confirmation has been made. Notably, the timing of this unveiling precedes Google’s annual conference, possibly indicating competition between the two tech giants in the AI space.

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