Three Issues Apologies as Over 10,000 Users Left Stranded

More than ten thousand users in the UK were left without mobile service, prompting an apology from Three, the mobile network provider. Downdetector, a platform that monitors service outages, recorded over 12,000 reports of disrupted services, including calling and mobile data usage.

This recent outage marks the third incident within a short period for Three, as similar apologies were issued on both Saturday and Sunday for comparable disruptions. Expressing regret, Three stated, “We are very sorry for the issues with service over the past few days,” acknowledging the inconvenience caused to its customers.

According to a spokesperson, the network encountered technical difficulties, resulting in service disruptions. Although services are gradually recovering, some customers are still experiencing disruptions, prompting ongoing efforts by engineers to resolve the issue. With customer service channels inaccessible, Three advised users to check their social media channels for updates.

Three, serving approximately 10.5 million customers across the UK, faces challenges in determining the full extent of the outages, especially as users reliant on mobile internet may struggle to report the issue. Reports of the latest incident surfaced around 1000 GMT on February 12, triggering frustration among customers who voiced their concerns on social media platforms, with some considering switching networks.

Additionally, smaller providers utilising Three’s network, such as Smarty, experienced disruptions, with 800 reported incidents, according to Downdetector. The potential for compensation remains uncertain, although telecoms regulator Ofcom suggests that providers may consider offering refunds during service repairs.

These outages occur amidst ongoing scrutiny of a proposed merger between Three and Vodafone by the UK’s competition watchdog, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The investigation aims to assess potential consumer harm resulting from reduced choice or increased prices, as the merger would create the UK’s largest mobile network. Both companies anticipate significant investments in the UK, totaling £11 billion, if the merger proceeds.

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