Tinder Implements Stronger Identity Checks for UK Users

Tinder is rolling out advanced identity verification measures for its UK users, requiring a passport or driving licence to be authenticated against a video selfie.

Participants in the voluntary programme will display an icon on their profile, confirming the authenticity of their age and likeness, aiming to combat the app’s susceptibility to fraud.

Fraudsters have repeatedly targeted the dating platform, prompting the move, which has been cautiously welcomed by Victim Support, a charity advocating for victims of crime.

While acknowledging the positive step, the charity emphasised the necessity for mandatory ID verification across all dating apps to enhance security further, citing the devastating impact of romance fraud, commonly known as catfishing.

Catfishing involves individuals entering relationships under false pretences, often with the intention of financial deception, posing significant emotional and financial risks to victims.

To address these concerns, Tinder’s new verification system aims to instill confidence in users regarding the authenticity of profiles they encounter.

Verified users will receive distinctive badges, including a blue camera icon for photo verification, a blue ID icon for identity authentication, and a blue checkmark for completing both steps.

Initially introduced in Australia and New Zealand in 2023, the system demonstrated promising results, with verified users experiencing a 67% increase in matches compared to their unverified counterparts.

The enhanced verification feature is now being extended to users in the UK, the US, Brazil, and Mexico, reflecting Tinder’s commitment to bolstering user safety and fostering genuine connections.

This initiative supplements previous efforts by the app, which has explored various methods, including selfie verification and blue checkmarks for celebrities, to promote authenticity and trust among its diverse user base.

With over half a billion downloads worldwide, Tinder aims to solidify its position as the premier platform for meeting new people while prioritising the security and well-being of its users in an increasingly digital landscape.

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