Twitter, Now X, Settles Severance Dispute with African Staff

X, formerly Twitter, has resolved a protracted dispute with its African staff over severance payments more than a year after their termination, according to their legal representatives.

The staff, based in Ghana’s capital, Accra, were abruptly laid off in November 2022, shortly after Elon Musk assumed control of the company. The termination affected fewer than 20 employees, who were promised redundancy compensation and repatriation expenses.

Agency Seven Seven, representing the aggrieved staff, confirmed the successful resolution of the dispute but did not disclose the settlement amount. The affected employees, who endured months of uncertainty, expressed relief and optimism for the future.

The termination left many staff members, including those who relocated from neighbouring countries like Nigeria, stranded in Ghana without compensation. Initial promises of a month’s additional pay were unfulfilled, exacerbating the financial strain on the dismissed employees.

Despite Musk’s assertion of providing three months’ severance pay to laid-off staff, the African employees contested receiving any such compensation. The resolution of the dispute came after prolonged negotiations initiated following media coverage of the employees’ plight.

The settlement marks a milestone in the employees’ quest for justice after facing months of uncertainty and financial hardship. X’s handling of the severance dispute underscores the complexities and challenges faced by employees affected by corporate restructuring and leadership changes.

X, under Musk’s leadership, underwent a significant global workforce reduction, shedding thousands of employees to streamline operations and cut costs. The abrupt termination of African staff members without adequate compensation fueled legal challenges and public scrutiny.

The resolution of the African staff’s dispute follows a broader trend of accountability and transparency in corporate governance. It underscores the importance of upholding labour rights and ensuring fair treatment of employees, particularly amid corporate transitions and restructuring efforts.

As X navigates the aftermath of the severance dispute, stakeholders and employees alike anticipate a renewed commitment to transparency, accountability, and employee welfare in the company’s operations moving forward.

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