UK, Italy, and Japan team up for new fighter jet

Image credit: BBC

Rishi Sunak will soon reveal a partnership between the UK, Italy, and Japan to create a new artificial intelligence-powered fighter jet.

The collaborative company, according to the prime minister, wants to increase security ties and generate thousands of jobs for the UK.

The next-generation fighter, which the nations will develop, is slated to enter service in the middle of the 2030s and eventually replace the Typhoon jet.

The new Tempest fighter is expected to be equipped with the most recent weapons.

Work on developing it has already started to produce a combat aircraft with speed, stealth, advanced sensors, and even artificial intelligence to support the human pilot when they are overwhelmed or under tremendous stress.

It might also be able to fly without a pilot if necessary and fire hypersonic missiles.

However, Britain has been looking for partners because building such a complex aircraft is exceedingly expensive—creating the F35 jet was the Pentagon’s most expensive project ever.

Given that Italy was already on board and that Britain is establishing closer ties with allies in the Indo-Pacific region because of worries about a dominant China, Japan’s inclusion is significant.

The participation of other nations is still open. The United States, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy are already collaborating on their unique designs.

For the UK, this agreement has ramifications for both its economy and security. It is anticipated that the construction of a new fighter jet will lead to the creation and maintenance of thousands of jobs in the UK and an increase in arms exports.

On Friday, Mr. Sunak will visit RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire and introduce the program’s first significant phase.

“The security of the United Kingdom, both today and for future generations, will always be of paramount priority to our government,” he declared before the visit.

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