Ukraine Launches Drone Strike on Russian Targets, Claims Significant Damage

In a bold move, Ukraine has executed a drone assault targeting sites in southern Russia, boasting the destruction of six Russian planes at an airbase situated in the Rostov region. Reports from security sources, as relayed by BBC Ukrainian, indicate that an additional eight aircraft suffered severe damage, with an estimated toll of 20 service members either killed or injured in the attack.

The airbase in Morozovsk accommodates Su-27 and Su-34 aircraft, instrumental in Russia’s operations along the Ukrainian front line, according to insider accounts. Notably, there has been no official response from Russian authorities regarding the reported assault on the airfield.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials lamented casualties resulting from Russian missile strikes, reporting four fatalities and over 20 injuries in Zaporizhzhia, along with two deaths following air raids in Kharkiv. Regional governor Ivan Fedorov detailed the extent of the damage in Zaporizhzhia, citing impacts on residential structures and high-rise buildings, with Ukrainian media indicating casualties among journalists.

Amid escalating tensions, Ukraine’s air force disclosed that Russia had launched assaults on Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, and Kharkiv using 13 drones and five missiles. Despite Ukrainian claims of intercepting all drones, infrastructure in Odesa and residential areas in Kharkiv sustained damage.

Simultaneously, Russian forces pressed forward in Donetsk, subjecting the town of Chasiv Yar to relentless bombardment as they encroached on its outskirts, as per Ukrainian authorities.

In response to the Rostov attacks, the Russian defence ministry revealed that the Saratov, Kursk, Belgorod, and Krasnodar regions had also been targeted. Although all drones were reportedly neutralized, collateral damage included an electrical sub-station outage affecting 600 residents and minor harm to a residential complex.

The escalation in drone warfare underscores Ukraine’s strategic shift, intensifying strikes on Russian military and energy infrastructure. Despite facing ammunition shortages, Ukraine remains resolute, with ambitions to domestically produce a million drones this year.

Tuesday witnessed Ukraine’s audacious claim of responsibility for a drone strike in Tatarstan, marking the deepest incursion into Russian territory since the conflict’s inception. The strikes, targeting a drone facility and an oil refinery, left a dozen individuals wounded, further amplifying the intensity of the ongoing conflict.

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