Amit Shah finally breaks his silence on the JPC demand for Adani controversy

On the opposition’s proposal to establish a “Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC)” to investigate the “Adani-Hindenburg dispute,” Union Home Minister Amit Shah finally spoke out on Friday. Shah said that the Supreme Court had already taken notice of the situation and established a committee to conduct an investigation while speaking at the India Today Conference 2023.

Stocks of Gautam Adani’s company had fallen on the exchanges after activist “short-seller Hindenburg Research,” based in the US, levelled a long list of false accusations against it, including claims of share price manipulation and dishonest business dealings.

Shah added, “This issue is clear to our government. “What we are saying is that the Supreme Court has established a committee to look into it, and people ought to have faith in the legal system.” He further stated that anyone with evidence should forward it to the Supreme Court committee.

“Even so, one should bring up the issue or object to the report if they believe it to be inaccurate; the SEBI has already informed the Supreme Court that it is probing the matter, and both agencies will conduct simultaneous investigations,” the home minister added.

He also gave the example of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, saying that she also refused to debate domestic politics abroad and added that some matters are above politics.

Narendra Modi will serve as prime minister for a third consecutive term, according to Shah, and the BJP-led NDA will form the government once again in 2024. The Northeast, Jammu and Kashmir, and Naxal-related concerns, according to Shah, have all mostly been settled since the Modi government took office.

The home minister claimed that no foreign force dared engage in the internal affairs of India after a surgical strike was made against terrorists in Pakistan.

The minister responded that the NDA would gain more seats in the 2024 general elections than it did in 2019. Of the total 543 Lok Sabha seats, the BJP won 303 in the general elections of 2019, while the NDA won more than 350.

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